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Giving dogs the preventives they need isn’t always easy. Luckily, this fun video from HEARTGARD Plus shows pet owners how easy it is to give HEARTGARD chews. Watch the spot to learn more about the proven protection HEARTGARD Plus – the only real-beef chewable dogs love to eat.

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Take the Ouch Out

Life can be ruff when you're a puppy. Fortunately, this video from HEARTGARD Plus shows you how to Take the Ouch Out of heartworm disease prevention. Watch the spot to learn more about the stress-free, pain-free way to protect dogs of all ages.

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Heartworm Damage 13 Years Later

Dr. Jones discusses long-term effects and shares photos of vascular damage and worm fragments from a necropsy of a 15-year-old dog who suffered from heartworm disease 13 years prior but was successfully treated.

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Heartworm Transmission by Mosquitoes

Dr. Jones provides a close-up look at the moment an infected mosquito bites a dog, showing how quickly infective heartworm larvae are deposited and drawn into the dog. Transmission occurs within seconds, reinforcing the need for vigilant monthly protection.

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How Quickly Does Heartworm Disease Cause Damage?

In this brief video, Dr. Jones shares data and slides from a recent study on the extent of heartworm disease damage after 158 days of infection with the number of heartworm present ranging from 28 worms to just 3 worms.

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Debunking Heartworm Disease Misconceptions

This video shows the vascular damage that remains even after treatment for heartworm disease. Dr. Jones shows slides from a necropsy of an infected dog who had been successfully treated 10 months prior to death from other causes.

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Practical Heartworm Disease Prevention

Dr. Jones explains the most important factors for protecting dogs’ health, including the need for parasite control. While heartworm preventives are highly effective, Dr. Jones treats roughly 100 cases of heartworm disease every year, and has for nearly 30 years.

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Heartworm disease is no laughing matter, but this HEARTGARD commercial gets the point across in a lighthearted, relatable way. Check out the spot here, which highlights memorable facts about heartworm disease, the benefits of HEARTGARD Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel), and the importance of year-round prevention.

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Do your clients know that HEARTGARD Plus kills immature heartworm larvae already in the dog today, but does not have an effect on new larvae introduced tomorrow? That's why it's so important to give HEARTGARD Plus every 30 days. Share the facts and teach your clients how HEARTGARD Plus works by showing this quick and informative educational video.

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The maker of HEARTGARD Plus is proud to support Warrior Canine Connection, an organization dedicated to reconnecting veterans with life, their families and their communities.

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Dog owners share their personal experiences in pet care including what they know and don’t know about heartworms. We asked about how heartworm disease is spread and what options there are for preventing heartworm disease. The dog owners’ responses were as different as their dogs but all agreed that HEARTGARD is effective in preventing heartworm disease.

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