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Social Media Kit

Social Media Kit

Share the HeartgardClinic.com’s engaging social media content on your clinic’s website and social media outlets.

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More posts. More appointments.

Use the tools inside our Social Media Kit to help you raise awareness, protect more pets from heartworm disease, and help you drive more business to your clinic.

Relevant Content? We've got you covered.

Intelligent, pre-written material will help your practice spread the word about heartworm disease awareness and the need for 12 months of prevention.

  • Heartworm disease can be deadly. But a monthly preventive can help stop heartworm in its tracks!
  • Remember, mosquitoes transmit heartworm larvae. Stop a little bite from becoming a big problem with a monthly heartworm preventive!
  • The one good thing about heartworm disease is that it is preventable. Don’t leave your pet without monthly protection!
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  • It’s never too late to schedule an appointment. We would love to see you!
  • Are you sure about your dog’s protection? Call us today and find out!
  • Veterinary care can help stop heartworm disease! Call for an appointment now!
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Downloadable Images For Your Clinic

Mix and match to craft the most effective message for your practice!

  • Drive in more clients
  • Reach more clients with important information
  • Drive up scheduled appointments
  • Boost and enhance your online presence

Make it personal.

Don’t forget to customize the provided content with your clinic’s phone number, address, or a personal message.

Tip Archive

Want more? Check out our previous list of social media tips!

  • Heartworm disease is potentially deadly, damaging the pulmonary arteries and, in some cases, the heart.
  • Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes capable of infecting dogs.
  • All it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito for your pet to become infected with heartworms.
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Use the HeartgardClinic.com’s Social Media Kit in your practice, and start to see how, in addition to helping more pets, your business can benefit too.

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