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Having a presence on social media can be an important component of your marketing plan. But which channels you choose will depend on your audience as well as your business goals. For example, Instagram is most popular among a younger audience versus Facebook, which tends to attract adults from all age groups.

Instagram is also a more visual platform. It provides a great creative and visual platform for your followers to see what’s going on with your business. With features like Instagram Stories, you are able to be more creative and show followers a little bit more of your brand’s personality. Ads can also be created for Instagram and are displayed in the feed using the Ads Manager in Facebook.

Instagram Specifications

Each Social Media channel comes with its own specifications for image sizes and text length. The following content highlights a few of the most common criteria.


Instagram Profile Page

• Profile photo: ​Minimum size 110x110 pixels; Maximum size 180x180 pixels.

1080 pixel width is the maximum photo size for best quality


Instagram Ads

Like Facebook, Instagram offers different Ad types depending on your campaign objective. As previously mentioned, Ads for Instagram are placed through Facebook Ads Manager. The ad types are very similar to Facebook, but the formats may differ. Below is a list of each Ad type to help you determine which format is right for you.

• Brand Awareness — ​Increase the likelihood that people will recognize your business’ services or products

• Conversions — ​Get people to take specific actions on your website, such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product

• Engagement — ​Likes on your post, comments, shares and photo views

• Lead Generation — ​Collect information from people interested in your business 

• Reach — ​Reach people near your business

• Traffic — ​Send people to important sections of your website

• Video Views — ​Tell a story using a video in your ad


Using Images

• Use an acceptable file type (jpg)

• Choose an image that catches the viewer’s eye and piques their interest enough to stop scrolling to check out what you have to say

• Keep captions at 90 characters or less. Ads with less text are less expensive and better performing than ads with more text


Refer to the spec sheet for more details about Instagram specifications

View list of specifications for Instagram >


Paid vs Organic Posts Example

​Social media is no longer just about conversation and content; it’s now an established channel for customer acquisition, remarketing and engaging existing fans andcustomers for support – all through organic or paid social media marketing.


Paid Social Post Example

Paid social is paying to display ads or sponsored messages to social network users based on user profile, e.g.,demographic. A cost is incurred depending on the type of ad planned; for example many ads incur a cost per click.

Organic Social Post Example

Organic social is using free tools provided by each social network to builda social community and interact with it,sharing posts and responding tocustomer comments.

There are few visible differences between a Paid and Organic post in Instragram.The most significant difference is the call-to-action button available on the Paid post.



Here are some Facebook best practices and example posts:

• Best times to post (generally): ​3-4pm, 7 days a week, consistent engagement  most days, slight dip on Sundays

• Best days to post (generally): ​Saturdays

• Post relevant and frequent content: ​Pay attention to your feed, hit on different  topics to your brand: employees, news and articles, products, user-generated  content and post 5-7 days a week.

• Instagram is a great platform to utilize user-generated content. People love when  their photos are shared and this is easy engagement for your brand  (give photo credit) 

• Features to utilize: ​Instagram stories, Ads

• Know your audience.

• Identify your brand voice.

• Place the most important words at the beginning of your caption, but if there is a  story to tell or more to say then share it. 

• Use hashtags wisely.




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